River View Park is Lusaka’s upcoming sustainable urban development providing a rich and diverse range of residential, commercial and work opportunities.

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Invest Wisely

Invest Wisely

Community and lifestyle benefits aside, property is well known as a wise investment. There are a plethora of investment options available, and multiple different property types to choose from in the various sections of River View Park. From properties in the residential neighbourhoods to the Town Centre or Business Park. The business park will be offering Light Industrial & Logistics Property space.

If you’re a real estate investor looking to purchase land for development and see your returns through rentals or property appreciation, or a business owner looking to rent, build or purchase a space to run your business, River View Park will have about 3,300 residential opportunities, 50 000 m2 of commercial, office and mixed-use retail bulk-in a hierarchy of centres, from a large mixed-use “town centre” to smaller “neighbourhood centres”.

Precinct One will be home to over 400 single residential plots, 9 residential developer plots, 58 commercial/industrial stands, and 5 civic plots for schools and places of worship. We’re creating a shared community space and not just a residential zone, this will be Zambia’s very first mixed-use development which means that we’ve blended residential, commercial, industrial, entertainment and educational facilities into one space!

You get the chance to pick how big you want your community to be, looking for a more private space, with fewer neighbours? This housing community will offer housing space in low, medium and high-density neighbourhoods so the choice is yours. Would you like to be in a high-density neighbourhood (420-650m2), be closer to more people and get the feel of the city? In low-density (1100-1800m2) neighbourhoods and have wide-open spaces available to you, a slower pace of living and some peace and quiet? Or interested in having a happy mix of the two, in our medium density (650-1100m2) neighbourhood? The choice really is yours!