River View Park is Lusaka’s upcoming sustainable urban development providing a rich and diverse range of residential, commercial and work opportunities.

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Our Development

What to Expect: Commercial & Residential

River View Park will have about 3,300 residential opportunities. 50 000 m2 of commercial, office and mixed use retail bulk-in a hierarchy of centres, from a large mixed use “town centre” to smaller “neighbourhood centres”. The commercial land will be subdivided as follows:

Development Specifications
  • 16 000 m2 of gross floor area for ‘public buildings and cultural mixed uses.
  • 13 Ha will be reserved for Primary and Secondary Schools.
  • 70 000 m2 for light industrial and warehousing.
  • 23 ha for a solar energy park.
Development Benefits
  • A unique self-contained development complex.
  • Various differentiated Residential neighborhoods.
  • Our Town Centre will offer amazing facilities to River View Park residents.
  • Our Business Park offers businesses access to
    accommodation provided by the surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Heightened security levels of living, working and playing within a secure
    and managed self-contained development.

Aerial View Map

An aerial view of our proposed development of River View Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our frequently asked questions and answers below.
  • What is River View Park?

    The River View Park Development is a 600-hectare mixed-use development modelled on the Green Cities method of urban planning; including a Town Centre with Retail and Office amenities, high-medium-low density and developer residential neighbourhoods, recreational parks, business parks and a project dedicated solar park. Such features, coupled with the development’s location being within the precincts of the Greater City of Lusaka and its ease of accessibility by an established and improving urban road network, make the River View Park Development a marketable and appealing proposition to individuals, corporates and Real Estate investors across all segments of Lusaka’s aspirational population.

  • Where is River View Park Located?

    River View Park is located along the Twin Palms road approximately 5.3 km from Twin Palms Mall, approximately 3 km from Kingsland Development and approximately 15km from Lusaka International Airport. A new road linking the State Lodge Road and the Twin palms road will be part of the first phase of the development. Click link for Directions.

  • How will the project be developed?

    River View Park will be developed in up to three phases, the first phase know as Precinct One, which will include Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Educational investment opportunities for the individuals and companies.

    The first phase will also include the development of a 5km arterial road which will join the Twin Palms Road with the State Lodge road linking, Leopard Hill to Twin Palms.

  • What properties will be sold in Precinct One?

    Precinct One will include 431 single residential plots as well as 9 residential developer plots and 58 commercial/industrial stands. River View Park has also included 5 civic plots for schools and religious purposes. For available plots & pricing, click here.

  • When will works start?

    Works have already started with construction of first phase scheduled to be completed by June 2022.

  • How do I purchase a plot?
    The process is simple:
    1. Schedule an appointment at our sales office for a site visit
    2. View and choose plot and payment terms
    3. Fill out an Application to Buy Form
    4. Appoint Lawyers and sign Offer to Purchase (OTP)
    5. Make Payments
    6. Once payments are received you will get the assignment documents including the Contract of Sale and Approved survey diagrams.
  • What makes RVP different?

    RVP is a planned community estate. The developer has established the River View Park Property Owners’ Association to develop, administer and preserve the common areas within the development.  NAPSA has also prepared a Development Management Scheme to regulate the development of properties in River View Park such that the quality, status and integrity of the development is achieved and maintained. As such, properties in River View Park will be offered for sale subject to regulations contained in three key documents namely a Contract of Sale, the constitution governing the River View Park Property Owners’ Association (RVPPOA) and the Development Management Scheme providing oversight and guidance on the development of River View Park.

    Membership of the RVPPOA is a condition of purchasing in development as are the associated monthly fees.

  • What am I getting for my money?

    The development is planned estate with good infrastructure. The plots are serviced with bulk services and buyers will need to apply to the respective utility companies for the individual connection to plots. Asphalt roads are provided but access slabs to the properties are not provided.

  • What is the price and payment terms?

    The RVP development prices are in square metres, our prices are reviewed on a monthly basis and the price offered will be that as reflected on the day of signing the OTP. For our most up to date prices list please follow this link.

    There are two options for payment: proposed sale terms and conditions for

    OPTION A: Cash Basis Over Three (3) Months

     Under this option the Purchaser shall pay to the Authority the full purchase price within three (3) months of receipt of this offer. Failure to pay within the stipulated period automatically lapses the offer.

    A mortgage facility is also available for this option under Zambia National building Society (ZNBS).  For more information and to check for eligibility, please contact ZNBS on +260 211 229191 / +260 211 225510, email or by visiting , you can also visit any ZNBS branch country wide.

     OPTION B: Installment Plan Over Six (6) Months

     In addition to the payment of 20% of the Offer Price, the Purchaser shall pay a non-refundable administrative fee of Kwacha Ten Thousand (K10,000.00) only together with the 20% of the Offer Price.

    For the avoidance of doubt, the K10,000.00 non-refundable administrative fee charged does not form part of the Purchase Price.

    1. Full payment of the total Purchase Price must be made within a period of six (6) months from the date of receipt of the offer letter.
  • How do I purchase a plot online?
    1. WhatsApp call +260765024877 or email inquires
    2. Access Application to Buy Form at Downloadable Documents
    3. Receive Napsa Approval and OTP from the sales office
    4. Make payment (Bank transfer to Napsa Account) and provide POP to the sales office.
    5. Appoint a local conveyancing firm/ Lawyer. Sign Contract of sale in counter and in duplicate
    6. Receive Notice of Completion Letter.